maandag 17 januari 2011

Two weaks ago I was having holiday and ofcourse I went to Zwolle to go shopping!
I buy some amezing things for almost nothing! It was amazing with the sweetest Lois (she's also yhe only one that you speak as Lojs) Belowe this you can see what I've scored<3

xx The Fashion Girl

Ps: There's also coming another outfit but that one is in the washing machine at the moment so I can't take a picture of it(;

1- Shirt H&M (3,-)
  - Skirt H&M (4,95)
  - Belt H&M (5,-)
  - Necklace Six (2,95)

2  Detail of the outfit

3- Vest H&M (15,-)
  - Bracelets Six, Action, C&A (3,-)
  - Necklace Takko fashion(2,95)

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